What is MismatchTM for Schools?

Expose your students to the world without leaving your classroom.

mismatch (n.) – a classroom of students that is the political, racial, geographical, and socio-economic opposite of another classroom that they are paired with.

With MismatchTM you will be able to:

  • Browse a list of curated mismatches based on your classroom profile
  • Connect with the classroom teacher to easily schedule a conversation between students
  • Hold real-time, structured video conversations using a dialogue guide from our library

The platform is entirely browser-based and protects students’ privacy by collecting registration details only at a classroom level, not from individual students.

Mismatch™ is also available for a limited number of nonprofits and partners and will be more broadly available in 2024 for a wide variety of organizations, media companies, corporations, and events.

Meet the Team

We are on a mission to help the next generation of students develop dialogue skills to participate thoughtfully in our 21st-century democracy.

John Gable

AllSides Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

AllSides Bias Rating: Lean Right

Alice Sheehan

AllSides Business Manager and Director of School Programs

AllSides Bias Rating: Center

Adam King

Software Developer

AllSides Bias Rating: Center

Samantha Shireman

Director of Product

 AllSides Bias Rating: Lean Left

Becca Kearl

Executive Director of Living Room Conversations

Preeti Kulkarni

Mismatch and Content Intern at AllSides

AllSides Bias Rating: Left

Ian Rosenzweig

Content Intern at AllSides

AllSides Bias Rating: Center